If you need to know the exact location of each of our Jaco Beach vacation rentals then take a look at the maps of Jaco Beach Costa Rica we have posted below. You can familiarize yourself with the area before you come, and get a better sense of where exactly the communities of Bahia Encantada, Bahia Azul, Diamante del Sol and Hermosa Palms before you come to your Jaco, Costa Rica vacations.

Getting to Bahia Encantada Jaco Beach

Bahia Encantada is an ocean front condominium community located in the north side of Jaco Beach. It is 6 blocks away from the center of town, next to the famous Claritas restaurant and bar and one block away from the Best Western hotel.

Getting to Bahia Azul Jaco Beach

Bahia Azul is also in front of the beach but it is located in the tranquil south side of Jaco. It is 5 blocks away from the center of town, in Calle Morales before you get to the Municipality offices.

Getting to Diamante del Sol Jaco Beach

Diamante del Sol is located in the center of town so it is close to most restaurants, shopping and nightlife. It is an ocean front condominium project so you can enjoy the beach steps away from all the entertainment of Jaco.

Getting to Casa del Mar at Hermosa Palms

Casa del Mar is located at the exclusive community of Hermosa Palms in Playa Hermosa that is located just 15 minutes away from the center of Jaco. This beach is famous for its perfect beachbreak that is great for surfing all year round so our amazing home is truly surfers paradise!