Advanced Surf Tour

  • Tour Price: $55 per person
  • Times of Lessons: Depending on tide times & swell
  • Lesson Length: Minimum 2 hours
  • What’s Included: Transportation to surf location, certified guide
  • What do you need to take: Your surfboard, bathing suit, towel, sunblock, sandals, rashguard (if you have), water
  • Season: All year long

Our instructors are all 100% Costa Rican locals and because of this, they are all respected surfers that have been surfing these breaks for years and will give you the best access to not only the breaks in each area, but also the towns and beaches on the way that offer a variety of beach breaks, reefs and point breaks.

Uncrowded breaks, surf guide and respect of locals

Your guide will check the surf forecast before picking you up and that way choose the best location for you and your level. You will always be guided by our friendly bilingual staff that will help you surf uncrowded breaks and most importantly, receive the respect of all the locals wherever we show up to surf.

Surf Spots

Caldera: An A-frame right wedge that jacks up when it bounces off a jetty. Left wedges also.
Jaco: Jaco is a small beach break with fun left and right peaks, you can surf almost the entire beach. It tends to close out when the waves are over head-high, or during dead low tide. Great beginner wave, or for a warm-up surf before tackling nearby Hermosa or Escondida.

Hermosa: Powerful and consistent beach break that sticks out into the Pacific, assuring constant swell. You will rarely be surfing under head high here. It can be perfect sometimes, delivering a nice barrel, but at other times you might see the barrelling waves all over the place, but have trouble finding that perfect wave for yourself! Hermosa is actually a several mile long stretch of beach, and you can go surfing anywhere along beach. There are a few distinct areas people surf within this area as well.

Esterillos: You can either surf Estrellos Este (east), or Estrellos Oeste (west) with beach break peaks, usually with good shape. Both lefts and rights.

Quepos: This small left point is found at the river mouth in the city of Quepos, easy access with many restaurants and accommodations.

Escondida: Perfect, tubing reef break with powerful lefts and rights.

Roca Loca (rock- reef break): Powerful, rocky right hand reef break off a large exposed rock. Lots of water moving around. You have to descend a steep cliff then paddle out in a small channel. It’s best surfing this break with someone who has surfed there before, so they can show you the safe way to paddle in and out. Experienced surfers only!

Barranca: Boca Barranca is a long left point break in front of a river mouth, when it’s working the ride can last almost a kilometer! Considered the second longest wave in Costa Rica. Excellent longboard wave, and for hitting the lip on a short board.

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