Canopy Tour FAQ'S

What is the age limit for the tour? Kids from 4 years on are allowed, but keep in mind that kids from ages 4 till 10 have to go with a guide most of the tour.

What happens if I start the tour and don’t want to continue? There’s an emergency evacuation trail where you can stop and drive down half way on the tour, or a guide take you to the bottom.

What happens if it rains? The tour is done normally with rain because we have a braking system, so we leave it up to the client if they want to get wet; this applies for when there is no lightning.

Do we see wild life on the tour? Yes, but we cannot guarantee that you will see them, the best time is early in the morning, and the most common things to see are Scarlet Macaws, Toucans and White Faced Monkeys.

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