• Tour Price: $145 per person
  • Departure time: 6:30 AM
  • Tour lenght: Full day (return will be around 5:30 PM)
  • What’s included? Naturalist guide, transportation, entrance park fee, visit to Doka’s Coffee Estates, visit to Sarchi’s Town, lunch.
  • What do you need to take? Comfortable shoes, rain gear, warm sweater, water.
  • Recommended for: For all family, nature lovers and general public.

In this tour we will have a departure to the Central Valley Highlands and the Poas Volcano National Park, a lavish forest filled with flowering bushes, dazing hummingbirds and home to one of the largest craters on earth.

Poas is a partially active volcano with steaming caldera and sulphuric gases manifestations. The national park has a spectacular natural beauty with cloud forest, old lava flows and a second non active crater call Votos lagoon accessible within a 45 minute hike. Poas Volcano is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica for both national and international tourists due the easy access to the mouth of crater and its remarkable beauty.

Walk in the misty cloud forest and get mesmerized

After a nature walk through the national park our next stop is Doka Coffee Estate that has been several times awarded for its gourmet quality, Doka Plantation has created a magnificent tour through its property who allows travelers to see the entire process of coffee selection, roasting, tasting and packing. But the journey its not over there and after a nice typical lunch our final destination is the worlds known town of Sarchi; where the locals create colorful hand painted crafts and elaborated wood works.

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