Safety Canopy

The most important part of safety is the communication between guide and customer. For this reason, the guides are 100% bilingual and have full credentials from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), which certifies them as Canopy Tour Guides.

This canopy is the first company in Costa Rica that has implemented an emergency break system on all fast cables. This system allows the guide to have control at all times, taking command of the cable as the client nears the platform. So whether you’re coming in really fast or spinning uncontrollably, we can always stop you! This system is particularly good when it’s raining.

The equipment is 100% certified for adventure tours, and they use some of the best brands in the business, such as: Petzl, Black Diamond, Blue Water and Sterling! The canopy also vigorously follows the manufacturer directions and care for the equipment on a day-to-day basis, as well as maintaining daily tabs to control the use of the equipment.

The main cables exceed the Costa Rica standard of 3/8”. The platforms are an average of 7×7 feet in diameter and can handle more than 15 people at once.

The guides receive a minimum of 3 months training before they can work alone with clients. This training consists of safety and operations of the Canopy, first aid and customer service. The training program from the Canopy is in addition to the official government courses designed for Canopy Tours.

Every client gets a full explanation of what to do before starting on the first cable. From beginning to end, you will be attached from your personal harness to a cable at all times.

The tour will not begin if the guides think there is danger, such as wind, rain or lightning. They have the authority to cancel the tour at any time if they deem necessary.

Clients with medical conditions or those who are in excess of 260 pounds, will not be allowed on the tour.

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